THE STICK // Functionality by design

In the spirit of improvements, The Stick is back and better.

At Nucifera, we take the notion of functionality very seriously, and with our latest version of The Stick we made some subtle improvements. It's our same formula, with some slight tweaks to improve the functionality of the packaging. Like most new year’s resolutions, we are always aiming for better.

When it comes to skincare packaging, combining sustainability with functionality is an ongoing consideration around here. It isn't easy to do. Of course, we want all our packaging to be designed well– aesthetically pleasing, high functioning and as eco-friendly as possible.

It’s not easy!

The Stick is, for us, our most successful manifestation of this goal. Lightweight, biodegradable, and easy to use anywhere, it truly makes no compromises. But what also makes The Stick so special is its ease of use and versatility.

While there’s something to be said for skincare products being reserved to bathroom spaces, life happens outside, and sometimes you need a little help! From chapped lips to dry patches, dull skin, bug bites, scrapes or any skin irritation that may bum you out– The Stick is designed to work with you wherever you are.

Over the last year and a half with The Stick in stock, we're received some amazing testimonials about where and how people have been using it. With a new year and new adventure ahead of us, we thought we'd share some of our favorite in-use experiences.

From ski trips to just living somewhere cold- winters are brutal, and The Stick fits perfectly in that bulky jacket pocket.

"You have no idea how cold it is here, and the stick is saving my face.” – Anita T, Vancouver

The candelilla wax that we use as the base for The Stick is highly emollient and protective. You can use it to prevent winter chapping, or to improve dry patches if you’re already suffering. The formula is deeply nourishing, as well as a protective barrier to the elements.

From bug bites to scrapes and bruises, The Stick works so well at helping reduce any type of inflammatory skin condition.

"The Stick will forever be the only product I need on a camping trip. It literally did everything from moisturizing my face to healing my bug bites. I can’t survive without it!” – Holly M, Tennessee

No doubt salty water can dehydrate your skin like nothing else. Surfers love to apply the stick pre and post surf to avoid any chaffing.

“This stick is my go-to post surf product. When I apply it to my face after a session, I literally feel so refreshed and good." – Greg H, Venice

From lips to baby bottoms, we have several customers who buy two. One for their face and one for their kid.

“Hello! I just wanted to let you know that my little one’s skin is dramatically better after using your balm (technically, I used The Stick because she wiggles so much it’s easier)! I found that an epsom salt bath followed by the stick was the winning combo. Her skin was red, rough, and super dry. And now it’s super soft and no longer red! Now, if only it would make her sleep through the night– ha!" – Rachel G, Maryland

Part of any chef’s journey is cuts and burns, and dry hands from washing them so much. Chefs love The Stick because it is lightweight enough to fit in an apron and can be used for any of the above.

“I can’t live without The Stick in my pocket at all times when I’m working in the kitchen. It has saved me and my co-workers so many times– even for burns. I love it. It should be in every chef bag!" – Megan D, New York

Part of the future of good design is working with nature and serving more than one purpose. The future of single-use products (as in single-use plastic) needs to be eliminated. The skincare industry, as we’ve mentioned before, is full of products that are too limited in their functionality. We need more products that work harder, last longer, and serve a variety of needs.

Our goal with The Stick has always been to do just that, and we are constantly aiming for improvement. We love hearing from you and the way that you are using our products so please feel free to reach out at any time!

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