GOURMET SKINCARE // Indulge in you

Welcome to the indulgent side of skincare. Taking pleasure in taking care of yourself. 

We don't think of skincare as a means to an end. It's not about vanity or self improvement. It's not about having the perfect look.

Feeling good in your own skin is more than just a metaphor. Our skin is effectively what holds us together. It's what we see when we look in the mirror and it's why we firmly believe that skincare starts from within.

The beauty industry has taken the sensual side out of skincare. It has become clinical, cold, and a means to treat our "flaws" rather than celebrate ourselves. It teaches us to not love ourselves, to treat our bodies with critique, and that fixing this or that will make our lives better. Deflating our confidence and destroying our self worth, could there be anything less sexy?

There is no amount of product to apply that will work better than feeding your body well and loving yourself. We all know the difference in our face from a good nights sleep versus a night out partying. You can literally see it on a physical level and feel it on an emotional level. The way we operate in our daily lives truly does affect our skin and the way we see ourselves. Skin health is more than just physical. It is mental, emotional and spiritual. To be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see is a big deal. But you don't get there by constantly seeing the flaws. You get there by indulging in the idea that you are you. Unique, perfectly imperfect, and a shining example of what it means to be human. Truly! 

Gourmet skincare means indulging in the process of taking care of yourself, feeling good in your skin, and loving yourself. It's not about some clinical or hurried approach. It's not about a bunch of half empty bottles on your counter top. It's about indulging in the physical, and enjoyable side of skincare. Connecting with your skin is a means of connecting with yourself. This could be with something as simple as some coconut oil and a tub of hot water.

Connecting with the physical side of ourselves is rarely done from a place of love. Even workouts are about burning calories, changing your physique or seeing improvements. What about simply working out because it feels good!

What if we indulged in the pleasure of taking care of ourselves in the same way we might indulge in a gourmet meal? Recipes, restaurants and chefs all have become celebrated as something that makes you feel good. What if you treated skincare in the same way? What if putting on a balm or an oil was equally indulgent. Why does healthy living have to align more with abstinence than it does with indulgence?

It's simple really. A simple approach isn't as marketable. In the eyes of marketing more is usually about selling more. It isn't about saying you're enough or this is enough.

Through our products and philosophy we try to emphasize the beauty of simplicity. Not austerity but selectivity. A connoisseur is selective, and we want people to feel truly GOOD in their skin. We strive to ultimately strengthen the natural, healing capacity within the whole by creating products that nourish you and your skin. Our favorite testimonials come from people saying that we make them "feel" good. Skincare should be about feeling good from the inside out first. We've all seen the person who radiates beauty without necessarily being the societal definition of the term. How is this possible? Where does it come from? It starts from within. A physical, emotional, and spiritual confidence that can't be bought.

Gourmet skincare means elevating the every day into enjoyable experiences. Indulging in yourself and your body in ways that support natural healing and feeling right within yourself. It's simple in theory, but hard to do in practice. 

If we can send any message to people through our products, it is to love yourself. It is something that we have had to learn over time ourselves. We aren't here to fix you.

Indulge in the ways that you care for yourself, and others. Take pride in taking care of your body. Your body is your temple, and should be treated with as much love and respect as anything else. Feed it well and treat it well. Look past the cabinets, counters, and advertisements that make you feel less than. 

Indulge in the experience that is you!

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