DRY BRUSHING // Big deal or big hype?

Plenty of articles exist on the benefits of dry brushing - making claims that it can do just about anything from removing cellulite, to spider veins, detoxifying, energizing, the list goes on. The internet loves a good hyperbole, and the dry brush fits that bill. 

We come to the dry brushing side of the equation from the sensitive skin camp, and while we are absolutely not against it, we'd like to offer some insight on how best to dry brush, and perhaps help you manage your expectations. 

What dry brushing does do:

1 - Helps exfoliate your skin
This is a good thing. When done gently and consistently exfoliation is key in generating that youthful glow! 

2 - Improves circulation
Anytime we massage our skin - whether that be dry brushing, applying oils and lotions, or actually getting a massage - we increase blood flow. Blood flow makes your skin look better, brighter, more alive, and is good for you. 

3 - Is a nice ritual
Doing something that makes you feel good, whether or not the benefits actually match up, is still good for you. 

4 - Spring is a great time for it!
Dry brushing in spring is great. Most of us accumulate more dry and dead skin cells over the winter, and the dry brush is a great way to start prepping your skin for the sunnier days. 

5 -  Feels good
If you find the right brush, it feels good. Most of us sit around too much, and rubbing those little bristles all over feels like a massage. 

What dry brushing doesn't do:

1 - Detox you
The word detox is thrown around a lot, and can have macro to micro meaning. So if you feel good doing it, and it helps stir up stagnant energy then, its a detox - but that's not the same thing as actually detoxing your organs. 

2 - Remove cellulite
When you take care of your skin, everything improves. Including cellulite. Moving blood around, moisturizing, and exfoliating all play an important part in skin health, and may potentially improve the appearance of cellulite. Dry brushing isn't going to remove it though. 

3 - Get rid of eczema, psoriasis, or any inflammatory skin condition
If you have any of these mentioned - we do not recommend dry brushing, or at least not these areas. 

4 - Needs to be done everyday
We recommend starting with every other day, depending on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, once a week might suffice.

So whether or not you decide to pick up a dry brush, make sure to do it in a way that suits you. 

All equivocating aside, we do believe that it is part of a healthy practice and routine. Follow with a shower and Nucifera of course!

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