SPRING READY SKIN // Take it outside

For many of us spring is a welcomed season, especially when it comes to skin care. For those of us who suffer from dry skin conditions like me, the winter can be brutal. Artificial heating, time spent inside, colder temperatures, dryer weather... it can all be pretty bad for your skin.

Welcome Spring!

With spring comes warmer days, more sunshine, Vitamin D, and all the nourishment that comes from spending more time outside. Spring is also a time where you may experience more oily skin (if you are prone to it), more sweating, and perhaps more skin irritations due to more allergens and pollens in the air.

Taking care of your skin on a seasonal basis is important and can help mitigate the more uncomfortable aspects of each season. The transition from winter to spring is a crucial time in your skin care regimen to check in with your skin and prepare for more time outside.

Here are our top ways to prepare your skin for the spring:


Spring is symbolic of shedding layers, and your skin care routine should be no different. The winters dryness leads to buildup of dead skin and dullness that comes from colder temperatures. Spring is the time to up your exfoliation and literally shed the winter layers. My top ways of doing this are dry brushing and using a gentle, but moisturizing exfoliate.


We’ve all heard how great dry brushing is for our skin, but if you needed a sign to start, here it is. Dry brushing is great to increase circulation, exfoliate gently, and assist your skin and its own natural exfoliation process. It isn’t something that needs to take a lot of time. It can be very gentle and quick. Start with your heels and rub up your legs towards your heart in gentle circular motions. Do the same to your arms and torso always brushing towards the heart. Dry brushing is also great for buttocks, and anywhere cellulite may form.


Physical exfoliants like a coconut sugar scrub (see "DIY Scrubs") or another gentle sugar scrub is a great way to lock in moisture as well as exfoliate. This is not something that should be done daily- but can be done a few times a week. I prefer using sugar because it is a natural humectant and is less harsh than salt.


Keep up with soothing moisturizers. You may feel that your skin is less dry in the spring, which is often the case, however, this doesn’t mean that you should back off on moisturizing. Because of the allergens and pollens that are in the air, your skin can be very prone to irritation. Keeping up with a high-quality moisturizer that will combat inflammation (like The Balm) and transition smoothly into the new season. It is also important to keep your skin fully moisturized before the summer sun kicks in.


If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub that you enjoy using, bathing is a ritual that I participate in year-round. Bath soaks are one of the most healing ways to care for your skin, as well as your spirit. With a little oil (like The Oil) or a few essential oils, you can really nourish yourself on a deeper level. We also love The Fullest Saffron bath soaks. Both the salt bath and the milk bath are great to use for the spring transition because they are so soothing and adaptogenic.


Make sure that you are using an SPF that you feel good about. There are a lot of great natural SPFs on the market. I highly recommend finding one that works for you. We do believe that sun protection is an important part of skin care.


Spring is the perfect time to wear a hat that you love! Not only do hats look great but they also serve their purpose and protect your face from excessive sun exposure. Living in Southern California, my face is constantly being exposed to the sun- so pretty much any time I go out a hat isn't far behind. If you don’t yet have a hat that you love, spring is a great excuse to find one!


Clean up your bathroom and makeup bag. If you’re holding onto old product, outdated makeup or anything in your bathroom that does not feel like it is serving a purpose- get rid of it! As most of you know our philosophy is that less is more when it comes to skin care and spring is a great time to start.


Schedule your dermatologist visit. This is no fun, and not something that many of us look forward to but staying consistent with a dermatologist is very important for early detection of any unwanted irregularities. Spring is a good time to catch anything before summer can do further damage. Please make sure to schedule a visit!

Lastly, it is important to remember that our bodies change with the seasons and so does our skin. The same program is generally not suitable year-round, even if you live in a mild climate. Find out what works for you and enjoy the transition!

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