THE MIST // How to use it - even in winter!

For most of us the summer is still a ways off. Maybe not as much for us here in sunny southern California, but right now it isn't all that warm yet. 

One misconception about The Mist is that it should be reserved for warmer weather. Popping a bottle in the refrigerator, or keeping it around for afternoon pick-me-ups is certainly one of our favorite ways to use it, but most people don't realize that it is great for winter too. 

The Mist contains a unique base blend of rose water, aloe, witch hazel, and colloidal silver. All things that are great for your skin, work amazingly well as a toner, acne fighter, moisturizer, and of course also help you cool off. Spritzing yourself in the morning to wake up, or in the evening along with your nighttime routine is a great way to cap your day - but the Mist can be used as part of many other routines. 

So why use it in winter? 

Our Mist contains colloidal silver plus a delightfully aromatic and potent blend of essential oils. Together these ingredients work naturally to provide antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Think atmospheric cleansing. A great way to ward off germs when you're inside breathing recycled air on a plane, or in your office.

It also works wonders on bedding, sweaters, pillows, pet beds, or any number of things that are harder to wash but need constant refreshing. We also love to tell people what a great alternative it is to dry cleaning - especially in sweater weather.

And while it doesn't replace hand sanitizer, if your out and about and feel like you need a little hand cleansing, just give 'em a mist. And while you're at it don't forget beards, pits, hat head, hair in between washings, post shave and... the list goes on. 






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