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For us skincare starts from within. We don't say this as a marketing tool. It is the foundation of who we are, and how we got started. If it weren't for food, we would have never gotten into skincare. For us, it is all one in the same.

Most of the skincare industry is based on the idea of fixing or hiding your problem. It preys on our insecurities and creates a desire for perfection that is often unnecessary or unachievable. In the world of Instagram filters and any number of cosmetic procedures, getting to the 'real' of anything is pretty hard. What are we comparing ourselves to? AI versions of ourselves? This can't be the future.

Skincare should be about care. It shouldn't be about changing yourself to fit some other mold.

When we look at skin 'issues' we ask two things. What is the problem? And what is the root cause? If it's inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, acne or any skin irritation - there is most certainly a physical root cause. Whether it be dietary, or allergy related, it's important to start identifying the culprit so that you can better your skin by bettering your health. Nourishing your skin properly (both inside and out) is a way to combat those skin messages that are signaling something else. Rashes, acne, chronic psoriasis - none of these ailments has to be accepted as normal, and while taking a pill may help temporarily, it doesn't address the root cause. Most often, it starts with gut health. Seeking the advice of a nutritionist in many cases, might be more advantageous than a dermatologist.

And what about an issue that falls into the realm of cosmetic? What is the root cause? Personal injury aside, we are absolutely not anti-enhancement. We believe that everyone should live their best life, and this is all personal choice. The problem with cosmetic surgery is of course the influence we get (knowingly or unknowingly) that preys on our insecurities and makes us feel that changing something physical will make us feel better. I've read testimonials on both sides - from women who feel they've made mistakes, to women who feel better about themselves. This choice comes from knowing yourself, being grounded in your self-esteem, and making a choice from there. Whatever decision you are facing, you should start with real self-care.

We've always believed in the beauty of the imperfectly perfect. In the era of social media and phones full of posed content, it's getting harder to appreciate the things in life that fall out of the range of perfection. The irony is that so much perfection is the cause of so much ill.

All we hope to ask of ourselves, and each other - is that we are making decisions out of a place of empowerment. Trying our best to weed through the chaos and start creating beauty simply in our lives.

Our intention is to be a foundation for healthy skin. Deeply nourishing, healing and grounding skincare that makes you feel good about yourself. We aren't here to fix you. We are here to help you feel your best.

Beauty Simply.

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