THE BALM + SUMMER // Our favorite recipe

Summer is official, and although we are experiencing what we call "June gloom" here on the west side of LA, for most of the country its starting to get pretty hot. Your beach vacations might look a little different this year, but we hope you're able to find some time in the sunshine.

The Balm was founded on the essence of summer. Tropical plant based butters and oils make the foundation for a recipe that is good to use all year round, but our favorite time of year is soaking up the summer sun.

The sun gets a bad wrap in our culture, but the vital life force and nutrient rich rays are something we believe can be enjoyed in moderation. For more of our thoughts on safely enjoying the sun, make sure to check out our story on IGTV.

The Balm is your summer friend. Although it melts at about 110 degrees, if you keep it out of the direct sun it will be fine. And if it does melt? Just refrigerate and it will set right back up. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use the Balm in the summer!

Balm + Beach

It goes without saying, but the beach is the best place to slather in delicious oils. The combination of salt water, sand and silky smooth skincare contributes to a youthful glow that is hard to come about any other way. Although The Balm doesn't contain an official SPF, the antioxidant rich butters and essential oils that we use in our formula all help your skin adapt to sun exposure.

Balm + Sugar

Keeping your skin properly exfoliated is always a good idea, but especially in summer. If you want an even tan, and not annoying flaky spots, exfoliation is key. Sugar is one of our favorites to use as an exfoliant because it is much softer than salt, and doesn't irritate the skin. Sugar literally melts onto your skin providing soft, gentle exfoliation. In a small dish combine 1 tbsp of The Balm with 1 tbsp coconut sugar (or just a small scoop of each) and use in the shower or bath as you would any body scrub. Your skin will feel so amazing!

Balm + Shaving

Do what you want with body hair, but if you like a clean shave The Balm is a good option. I shave my legs with The Balm exclusively. It helps provide a smooth, close shave while combating razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Balm + Sunburn

If you took it too far in the sun, and you feel your skin got a little burnt, The Balm is great for calming and soothing the burn. I find that it helps reduce (or eliminate) flaking and peeling so that burn tuns into a nice tan.

Balm + Pedicure

Going to the nail salon might be less of a thing right now, but if you're wearing sandals it is nice to feel like your feet look good. Give your feet a good hot soak and exfoliate heels, toes and cuticles as you do. Liberally apply The Balm to your feet and cover with socks. If you can sleep overnight this way that is ideal, and your feet will feel baby soft. If not overnight a few hours will do! 

We hope you enjoy your summer and the sun!

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