MOCK SALMON SALAD // Carrot pulp sushi

Spring! Carrots! Juice! Juice Pulp!

Carrots are the ultimate spring food in my mind. Freshly picked from the ground, they symbolize new growth and new life. They are generally well liked by all and go with just about anything. Eaten raw, shaved in salads, roasted, puréed or... turned into "salmon". There really isn't much the carrot can't do.

Carrots are also an amazing food to eat in preparing your skin for more sun exposure. Rich in antioxidants, the beta carotene is converted into Vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A is one of the skins most vital nutrients known for its ability to fight free radicals and repair skin tissue. Carrots can literally give your skin a glow from the inside out. (Or turn it orange if you drink too much)! The juice of carrots is so hydrating and nourishing I can actually see the difference in my skin if I drink more carrot juice. You get the carrot juice glow!

And what do you do with the pulp that comes from all that carrot juice? You make Carrot Pulp "Salmon" Salad of course.

This recipe is hands down one of my favorite creations. The raw foodist in me loves a raw, vegan sushi opportunity and this carrot pulp salad has it all. I've made it countless times, and always tweak it a little bit. Sometimes I'll add spice, or wasabi, or more ginger. You can add other chopped vegetables or herbs if you wish. The idea here is to take the pulp, mix it with something creamy and go from there. I promise, it's so good!

You might be asking if you can use other types of juice pulp for this application, and I would have to say no. Beets might be the only exception, but carrots are ideal. Everything else would be too sweet or too bitter and fibrous.


2 cups carrot pulp leftover from making about 16oz carrot juice
1-2 tbsp kelp or dulse flakes, we like Daybreak seaweed
1/2 cup cashew cream* or veganaise
1 tbsp tamari
1 tbsp grated ginger, optional
1 tbsp lemon juice
Pinch or sea salt, optional

Mix pulp with dulse flakes, cashew cream or veganaise - along with the tamari and grated ginger. Taste as you go! Add more of everything if you feel like it!


1/4 cup cashews
1/2 cup water
1 clove garlic
1 small chunk ginger
1 tbsp white miso

Blend all ingredients until smooth.


Cooked Rice (optional)

To make sushi, lay nori sheet rough side up on a rolling mat. Fill bottom 1/3 with rice, "salmon", avocado, and sprouts. Using the mat to assist you, roll as tightly as possible. You can serve as a hand roll as well. Serve with tamari, ginger, and wasabi as preferred.

Enjoy with friends and sunshine!

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